Click and Date

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

So I'm a 30 something PR girl, with a penchant for Jane Austen, some experience of disastrous dinner parties and singing along loudly to power ballads when I'm home alone.

Heck throw in a pair of big pants (don't Spanx sound way sexier than they are?) and an ongoing quest to lose that last half stone and yes, Bridget Jones and I could be the one and same.

And while there have been short skirts and bad boys in both our lives, for Bridget at least true-love won over bad Madonna montages and Jones finally got her Mr Darcy. 

I on the other hand am still looking.

I'm a girlinthecity and I am Internet dating. Gulp.

But it's okay - it seems most of us  singletons are.  One in five relationships are now started online, and in the UK around 16 million people have taken part in online dating. 16 million - now that's a big fish pond.  

I've dabbled in shared online dating sessions with my best friend; searched the soul mate sections of national newspaper websites and even tried a couple of the market leaders too.  I found the freebie sites a little less 'policed' and the paid for sites more reliable - the in-depth survey on eHarmony UK meant that my matches were a little more credible (even if it did lack the 'looks like Ewan McGregor' tick box that the dating site of my dreams would carry).

I'm still waiting to click *add to basket* on my own Darcy, but the process - initiated by that first big breath of feeling brave enough to date after the end of a long, serious relationship - has been fun.  

No matter what your type, taking to the internet (try to let your bestie share all those good points you might not think to yourself - "dances like Beyonce, can recreate all the Jimmy Fallon/Justin Timberlake histories of rap" ahem, etc) - to find a fellow Glaswegian to date is a good option.

I've learnt things about me, I've learnt things about men and I've seen my city in a whole new light too - it may have a hard man reputation but my experience of dating in Glasgow been varied. While one date spent his Saturday mornings getting down and dirty (playing rugby!) he preferred his Sunday afternoons catching culture around the city - whether that be getting all Streetcar Named Desire at the Riverside Museum of Transport or discovering Dali at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery.  

Cosying up on the couch took on a whole new level in Ashton Lane's boutique cinema, The Grosvenor, where sitting in the back row became a luxurious experience on the plush, velvet sofas for two - a great date location, even if it is hard to look sexy in comedy over sized 3D glasses.

And that sparkle in his eye?  Perhaps it came from the overhead fairy lights that glisten over the entirety of the city's Royal Exchange Square, or maybe it was from one glass of prosecco too many at any of the outdoor eateries in the area. 

Meanwhile the position for a full-time maninthecity remains vacant… all online applications considered.


  1. I'm personally terrified of the idea of online dating... i'm sure that will probably change soon and I'll have to throw myself into those waters!

    1. it's not so scary, in fact - it'll probably make you laugh, you're bound to get some funny comments (though perhaps the guys might not realise they're being funny) ;) x

  2. Oh girl we have so many things in common. I am also single living in Glasgow but I no longer believe in love Bridget-Darcy style... It is extremely difficult in our days to find a man (the way we want him to be). As for online dating, I've done it twice and it really didnt work, plus the guys were looking nothing like their profile pictures (huge trap)...
    Even when I lowered my standards a lot, still I was feeling really miserable, so better stay alone for the time being!


    1. oh, I've had the turn up and have to look three times never mind twice moments when the photos definitely don't match the real deal… there's been a couple of emergency phone call getaway moments ;) thanks for commenting! :) x

  3. hah such a great post!